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Chrystina updated her facebook today with news on her music. Read what she had to say below…

Music Update:
So the amazing A and R finally got back to me and my team. Him + his team are very very excited about my project and they feel its very strong!!! They also stated that they feel it would be good not only to be international but also domestic! Which means, my project will not only be killing the stage in Canada, Brazil, Uk, Asia and so on but also in America!!! My home! This was a HUGE shock to me because my team and I were envisioning an international breakout first but now, due to this new news, it could be both internationally and in America!
So now, my team and I are seeking out multiple Record Labels to finally help push this project worldwide!!! This all to me is sooooo exciting because I thought I would be only able to share my music internationally first and eventually come to America.
If you all butterflies can do me a favor and please pray that all these upcoming meetings with future record labels go very very well so we end up choosing the best home in America and Internationally!!!!
Thank you all thus far for sticking by my side and one day I can’t wait to see you all in the crowd dressed up like beautiful butterflies! HAHAH! – MAJOR!
K love ya!
Stay tuned for the next update!

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Chrystina has added an update about her music to her facebook! If you’re not already follow Chrys on facebook HERE for the latest posts from Motha Butterfly!

Good morning butterflies!
Music update!
So tomorrow, me & my team will be picking 4 of the top songs from my project. Then those songs will be going to radio reps. The top 2 songs of that 4 will be potential singles and eventually, after heavy evaluation, we & radio will pick the number one single.
If you could do me a favor and send your best wishes and prayers that this radio meeting will not only go well but they also will see the vision of this project. Also, if you could send your best wishes & pray that we will choose the best breakout single!!!
Thank you & love you so much!
Many many blessings!

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Chrystina posted a message on her Facebook page regarding her meeting she had with a major record label today!

Hey Butterflies!

Music Update!

So the meeting went VERY VERY WELL! The record label reps LOVED my music and everything I represent as a entertainer to young women! Want to say thank you to all of you again for all your wishes and prayers! When everything starts to really happen with my music in the near future, it will be all thanks to you!!! I truly believe a mass of amount of prayers goes sooooo far! So thank you! I can’t wait to keep updating you, eventually get to sharemy songs with music videos + cool prizes from me personally and so on! Its going to be soooo fun and positive journey! As it stands now, in the next few days to week, my music will be going in front of a few radio stations to get the green light! When everything is all said and done, I will reveal which country this is for and which radio stations but for now, you’ll have to hold tight!!!

Thanx again! Many Many Blessings!


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Chrystina posted a new message on her Facebook page about her music career!

Hey Butterflies!!!
Music update!
So there is going to be a meeting tomorrow about me and my future with a particular record label! It is going to be a private listening party of all my strongest songs for the near future of my very first single + music video! All I ask is if you could wish me luck and many amazing prayers that tomorrows’ meeting goes beyond well! Also, if you could wish me luck and pray that this meeting is the beginning of a strong music blast off in the realm of pop music as a solo artist, that would be a desired blessing! Thanks so much for all your love and I’ll keep updating you all about my journey with my music and acting!

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Chrystina has been real quiet as of late but she broke her silence yesterday via her facebook page. She posted a personal message to all of her fans. Read below, its really loooong!

For my Fans:
Since Girlicious, I’ve been on a voyage to find my perfect musical team that could help me to launch my solo project, be attentive to your wants and needs, and overall be able to share my musical/ entertainment journey with you. I thank God that I was blessed with a platform but a part of me feels I’ve been a huge disappointment to you all because I haven’t fore-filled your needs. I apologize and getting back to where I was going with this is that, It’s been tough for me to find that team where we all work very very well together for a common goal. In my business, as some of you might have heard or even know, there can be plenty of funny business. Well for me, as for many many other artist, I constantly WAS running into this. In my heart, I do not blame anyone. I blame myself for being ignorant, foolish but mostly naive. Now speaking as being older and mature, I truly feel at the end of the day, it was a humbling experience God needed me to go through so that I would no longer be a young women of ignorant behavior ever again.

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Earlier this year Chrystina was at a Boys & Girls Club event. Thanks to Maeci we have a little bit of footage from that event. You can catch Chrystina in the video below at the 3:00 mark and at the 10:00 mark!

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